"Girl from JakesCannon" by Richard Eugene Stewart


". . . the story starts with a bang . . . how and where and who will die remain tantalizing mysteries as the pursuit takes the players to the west coast, and the story branches out to include some stellar war scenes and some sleazy Hollywood doings.  . . .  the narrative voice crackles with personality, and the pacing accelerates like a runaway train." --- Publishers Weekly


"'Girl from JakesCannon' is extremely well-written.  The historic sweep of years is informative and sets up the characters with a great background, giving the reader a foundation upon which the author can easily weave a convincing story.  The descriptions are lovingly, honestly detailed even to the unsavory habits and aspects of mountain life, yet an essential charm remains.  ---  . . .  a tantalizing introduction!" --- ABNA Review


"The writing is terse.  The ideas flow very rapidly, almost machine gun style." --- ABNA Review 



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