"Girl from JakesCannon" by Richard Eugene Stewart


QUESTION: How can I buy a book?
RES: In case you missed it, here are the links:

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Available in paperback and Kindle! 

QUESTION: How did you get the inspiration to write your first novel so late in life?
RES: My life was very busy working to support my family as an actor and performer.  When I retired, I had more time to write.  While playing golf, the idea for "Girl from JakesCannon" came to me and I kept at writing it just to find out what happened next.  Through the help of my wife Anne and the encouragement of my daughter Jennifer, I finally finished it.  It's hard for me to believe it's out now for everyone to see.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed imagining it.

QUESTION:  Why did you self-publish it if it's so good?
RES: The publishing business is extremely tough right now.  For a first-time novelist at my age to get an agent and a big-time publisher to read the manuscript is virtually impossible.  My wife and daughter Jenny decided they wanted my book to get into the hands of the readers and to leave it to my family and friends to enjoy if no one else did.  With the help of and my wife, we now have it available in paperback and Kindle.  You can buy it at or any book store.  

QUESTION:  What is the ISBN number for the book so I can order it from a book store that doesn't have it in stock?
RES: Here are some numbers in the book you might find useful for ordering a copy---
Library of Congress Control Number: pfh71391
ISBN: 1453841393
EAN-13: 978145341396

QUESTION: How did you get into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest and how did you do?
RES: My wife Anne entered "Girl from JakesCannon" in the 2009 contest.  There were 10,000 entrants worldwide.  We were excited to reach the semi-finals and the top 100.  There was tough competition.  The prize was a review by Publishers Weekly which we've included in the book.  It's quite a prize because reviewers seem to only review big-time authors represented by big-time publishers and agents with at least $30,000 to invest in publication.  With the good review by ABNA and Publishers Weekly, we hope the reader will take a chance on a first-timer.

QUESTION: Who is the girl in the photo?
RES: The photo is of my wife at age 19.  She is the model I used for "Girl".  She is actress Anne Randalll Stewart.  We've been married since 1967.

QUESTION: Are you working on a second novel?
RES: Yes.  I've finished my second novel.  It made the quarter finals of the 2010 ABNA contest.  Still working on it to make it better.  We're looking for a review to put inside before we publish it.

QUESTION: Who has influenced your writing style?
RES: My writing style comes from "The Muse".  When it speaks to me, I write.  When it doesn't, no matter how hard I try, nothing happens.  I read all the time, though; mostly novels and biographies.  Reading has surpassed golf and tennis as my favorite pastime now.

QUESTION: Why did you set the story during WWII?
RES: That's my era and it's what I know best:  Gangsters, The Big War and Hollywood Movie Stars.  There aren't many writers today covering it because they didn't live then.  It was a very romantic time.  "Girl" would make a good movie!

QUESTION: Will you be touring the world doing radio and television interviews?
RES:  Not being affiliated with a major publisher, the odds of anything like that happening are very small. However, if someone is reading this and has read my book and wants to interview me, please call Anne who is in charge.  Call 623-933-6192 or 602-318-0708.  

QUESTION: Is there a charge to have you autograph a copy of your book for me?  
RES: No charge.  It would be my pleasure.  Just make sure to ENCLOSE a self-addressed stamped envelope along with the book and mail it to me at:
10526 W Tropicana Cir
Sun City, AZ  85351-2218
Attn: Anne (GFJK autograph request)
Any photos you want autographed would need to be sent to us, as well.  We cannot supply books or photos.

QUESTION: Why do people write novels when they aren't getting paid for it?
RES: For the love of it!