"Girl from JakesCannon" by Richard Eugene Stewart


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Quotes (Amazon excerpt) I am an occasional reader, and usually don't get past the first couple of pages of a book unless it is really good. The excerpt from this novel was captivating. Quotes
Thomas H. Moore

Quotes (Amazon excerpt) Got me on page one! Love the way he weaves a story. Reads like you're listening to your grandpa tell a great story handed down over the generations. He paints a colorful scene. I want to read more! Quotes
Richard T. French

Quotes (Read entire book) Enjoyed "Girl from JakesCannon". I want to read Stewart's next book. I am a voracious but critical reader. The author must make me care about characters, have a believable interesting plot, and present a writing style that evokes involvement, curiosity and enjoyment. This book meets those requirements. Stewart's writing evokes word pictures with vivid and subtle coloring but more than that for me it is lyrical. Quotes
George W. Shapiro

Quotes (Amazon excerpt) "Fabulous writing!"---One of my main joys in reading a book is the writing itself and Girl from Jakes Cannon enraptured me from the start, held my interest and begs to be read in its entirety. I do hope it will find its way to all those who love wonderful literature. Quotes
Betsy Mercer

Quotes (Amazon excerpt) "Shoes are dropping"--- Each sentance drives a thirst to read the next. Quotes
Noel H. Kasper